We invite you to share knowledge and experience through a workshop around the theme AGILE AND FACILITATION.

  • What is the role of facilitation into the Agile movement?
  • What are the facilitation techniques (Open Space, Focused Conversations, Brainstorming, Scenario Planning etc.), tools and approaches that have been most successfully applied from Agilists?
  • Is there any facilitation technique developed by Agilists that has been used by facilitators in other industries and sectors?

We kindly remind you that to submit a workshop proposal you have to be registered to the IAF EME Conference 2019. Anyone who is registered, both IAF members and non members, can propose a workshop. You can register on IAF global website.

Please use this form to propose a workshop session for IAF EME Conference, Milan, Italy, May 2 – 4. Workshops will run Thursday afternoon and Friday, while Saturday morning will be in an open space format. Proposals are requested for 90 minute workshops for Thursday afternoon, and for 180 minute workshops for Friday.

If the submission form presents you with any challenges, please contact us.

Please remember: the deadline date for submissions
is January 31, 2019

Due to time and space it may happen that not every workshop will enter the final program but can still be proposed during the open space on Saturday morning.

All applications will be reviewed by the Conference Organizing Committee (COC). If your proposal is accepted you will receive further details to help you with your preparation. If it is not accepted you will be informed and provided with the reasons for this decision. We plan to let you know by February 15, 2019.

Please note that presenters of the selected workshops will be requested to attend a fine tuning meeting on Thursday morning and we will be happy to have them as our guests for lunch.

Selection Criteria

All applications will be reviewed by the Conference Organizing Committee against the following criteria:

  • Does the proposed session support the IAF Code of Ethics and the IAF Core Competencies for facilitators?
  • Does the session also support the theme of the Conference, “Agile and Facilitation”?
  • Does the proposed session ensure a balanced mix of approaches & methods for the expected participants?
  • Does the session add special content and unique value to the Conference, like new tools, techniques, processes or relevant new research?
  • Does the session is run in an Agile way?

Please note: we choose to keep registration fees as lower as possible, for this reason you will be granted only the following materials: flipchart, paper, markers and masking tape. If you need additional equipment/materials, please let us know and we’ll see what we can do.